Winter Skincare

Dry skin brushing is a rejuvenating massage for the skin. Skin the largest organ of the body is responsible for 1/4th of the body’s detoxification each day, which makes it one of the most important elimination organs.

Skin brushing is a perfect treatment for self-help enthusiasts.


Tightens skin, removes cellulite, stimulates circulation, increases cell renewal, cleans lymphatic system, removes dead skin layers, strengthens immune system, improves exchange between cells, stimulates the glands, thus helping the body’s systems to perform at peak efficiency. When you brush the pores of your skin clear, your skin is able to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Clogged pores aren’t just a cosmetic concern, healthy, breathing skin contributes to overall body health.


Use a soft natural fiber brush (health food stores). Nylon or synthetic brushes are too sharp and may damage skin. Always dry brush before you shower to wash off the impurities that you scrape up from the brushing action. The following technique will also help with lymphatic circulation and drainage: Begin with the feet and brush in circular motions. Brush away from the extremities and toward your heart. Continue brushing up your legs, then proceed to your hands and arms. Brush your entire back and abdomen area, shoulders and neck. Do not brush any sensitive, irritated, infected or damaged areas of the skin and avoid the face entirely. After brushing, rinse off in the shower alternating between warm and cold water.

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